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What are the benefits? Should AI use Blockchain technology?

Adam Mazzocchetti AI and Blockchain

Blockchain and artificial intelligence are two of the most promising technologies in blockchain technology for the future. Although the two technologies are very different, researchers have researched and discussed their combination.     

By definition, a blockchain is a distributed, decentralised, invariable …

Adam Mazzocchetti Securely auditing a blockchain smart contract

So Blockchain and AI can help assist each other?

Adam Mazzocchetti AI and Blockchain

Blockchain is a widely hyped market, where technology providers and customers demand all kinds of capabilities, whether it is possible or not. So does the combination of AI and blockchain have to be twice as much hype or twice as …

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When AI meets Blockchain, what is the potential?

Adam Mazzocchetti AI and Blockchain

Artificial intelligence and blockchain are two of the most discussed technology trends in the world. There are good reasons why these technologies get so much attention, but they are not the only ones. 

AI promises to automate many tasks and …