What are my security risk with a blockchain?

Adam Mazzocchetti Blockchain Security

Can we please talk about one of the most important aspects of blockchain technology: the  security of it. 

It is a distributed register for pretty much everything that concerns tracking the flow of good information. I am Not to talk …

Adam Mazzocchetti Securely auditing a blockchain smart contract

I want my clients data to be secure!

Adam Mazzocchetti Blockchain Security

Unfortunately, third-party data breaches that cost large companies millions of dollars and affect 4.9 million people, such as the recent incident at Marriott Hotel group are all too common. We have been familiar with a number of high-profile companies in …

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Secure Your IoT With Blockchain Technology

Adam Mazzocchetti IoT-Blockchain_security

IoT devices are on the rise, with the number of companies using them rising to 40 percent in 2020. IoT technology has clearly become a key tool for companies, but it still faces challenges in ensuring the widespread adoption of …